Psychology With Business In Mind

Capability: The Secret To High Performance

Capability perceptions are important for individual health and performance. Our research on workers in both public and private sector organisations has established that when staff believe they are capable of achieving they are also much more likely to demonstrate positive behaviours and attitudes such as:

  • Increased innovation and creativity
  • Being more persistent in their efforts
  • Reporting higher levels of commitment to the organisation
  • Reporting lower levels of stress
  • Having fewer symptoms of ill health
  • Engaging in efficient problem solving behaviours
  • Being less likely to be absent from work

We have also found that relying on individual levels of capability is not enough to sustain these benefits and retain the competitive edge. Teams and organisations must also be designed and structured to achieve what we call a collective capability - where individuals believe their own team and organisation is structured to achieve and perform. They have found that individual levels of capability can be quickly undermined or diminished under certain circumstances. This research will have significant implications for the way organisations and teams are designed and structured.

Our research has enabled Zeal to deliver specific programmes of development tailored for individuals and teams as well as develop our unique coach your capability programme for individuals, groups and organisations.

Our services could help you answer questions such as:

  • Are you performing to your potential?
  • Does your work involve difficult, challenging or complex activity?
  • Have you ever wondered how to maximise the performance of your team?
  • Is the resilience of your staff and organisation a concern for you?

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