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Our work has helped us to answer the question ‘what makes for an effective trainer?

  • Are you the sort of trainer that can communicate concepts and ideas in a clear way?
  • Would you say you are effective at building and maintaining relationships?
  • Is your delivery style one that is flexible and engaging?
  • Can you deal with delegate negativity and cynicism in a constructive way?

These are just a few of the indicators of four trainer competencies considered necessary for the effective delivery of training. Although the role of the trainer can make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful learning experience, trainers are also integral to supporting organisations in managing change efforts. Trainers play the dual role of developing staff capabilities as well as acting as an important information source communicating about and demonstrating how the organisation is proactively learning and improving. 

Considering the increasing significance of the workplace trainer it becomes increasingly important to ensure that training providers, internal or external to any organisation, are attracting, selecting and developing the most effective trainers.

Through our research with over 2000 trainers, we have established the core competencies (i.e. behavioural patterns) that support and are indicative of high performing trainers.  Our approach has enabled us to develop a trainer selection and development process that maximises delivery effectiveness and performance. 

Our services could help you answer questions such as:

  • Have you selected the right trainer for your training delivery?

  • Do you know which competencies are required to maximise delegate learning?

  • Are all trainers maintaining the same standard?

  • Is there something special about your training approach?

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