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The physical environment of the workplace has both direct and indirect impacts upon human well-being. One important category of indirect effects focuses upon the ability of physical design elements in the workplace to help or hinder people to coping with demands of their work, i.e. job tasks, deadlines, work quality, productivity, etc. The provision of window access to nearby nature, for example, can provide a temporary means of ‘escape’ and recuperation from mental fatigue. Conversely, even low intensity sound, can be detrimental to well-being when one is engaged in a complex and demanding task. In short, it is the combination of and interaction between design features and task characteristics that is crucial (although individual difference factors will also play their part).

Using our EDIT tool and the ‘direct and indirect effects framework’, we collected data on various office spaces in this large private sector company. The information collected offered our clients the evidence they needed to show them how different aspects of the physical workspace environment had a real and measurable impact upon the well-being and performance of their workforce. There were clear differences between different groups based on the interaction between the quality of the physical space and the demands their staff had to deal with on a day to day basis.  The results of the project were not only used to evaluate existing workplace environments but also inform some simple and practical workplace redesign strategies to ensure staff health and performance could be protected and promoted.

Our services could help you answer questions such as:

  • Is your physical workspace helping you achieve your corporate objectives?

  • Where should you invest your time and money to get the most from your physical environment?

  • Has a recent move to a new office location been worthwhile?

  • Is the open plan office working well for you?

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