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health & well-being


What is health and well-being? Is your workforce health? What is it about your work environment that promotes or challenges the health of your employees? What is the added value of having a healthy workforce? Are your health promotion interventions working and worth it?

We are a national lead in health and well-being, we offer a range of services that help organisations stay on their feet by ensuring health and well-being is a part of everyday business life.

The ‘bottom line’ of Zeal’s approach to health and well-being management is that the most effective action and intervention is that which simultaneously enhances and improves both individual and organisational problem solving. This applies equally to:

  • Identifying and preventing sources of stress
  • Identifying and promoting sources of health and resilience
  • Recognising the things that make potentially stressful situations better or worse
  • Learning to cope with workplace demands in more effective and less damaging ways
  • Providing help and rehabilitative support for those experiencing stress
  • Building and engendering the kind of supportive environment or culture which best encourages individual and organisational problem solving

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