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Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & Selection

Finding the right kind of person for a job is more than just a gut feel or putting someone through an interview process. To make this process worthwhile, it does require a good understanding of the science behind human behaviour. 

Working with employers we have established their top five disappointments when recruitment new staff:

  • Not getting the expected performance
  • Having too invest beyond expected up skilling new recruits
  • The costs of recruiting and selecting new recruits spiralling 
  • New recruits struggling to fit in with the culture/dynamics of the team
  • New recruits finding the job not what they expected

 You can simply avoid these issues with the appliance of a little of bit of psychological science.

 Some of the tools, training and advice we can provide:

  •  Competency frameworks
  •  Recruitment process health check
  •  Selection centre design
  •  Selection interviews (junior, middle and executive)

Contact us today to find out how we can help you make the right selection decisions and save you time and money.  




Our work has helped us to answer the question ‘what makes for an effective trainer?

  • Are you the sort of trainer that can communicate concepts and ideas in a clear way?

  • Would you say you are effective at building and maintaining relationships?

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Capability perceptions are important for individual health and performance.     Our research on workers in both public and private sector organisations has established that when staff believe they are capable of achieving they are also much more likely to demonstrate positive behaviours and attitudes such as...

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