Psychology With Business In Mind


What we think, believe and feel influences how we behave and perform. Our behaviour and performance in certain situations is dependent upon what we believe we can do with the skills we have in those situations – these beliefs we call perceptions of capability.  

Zeal solutions are specialists in the assessment of perceptions of capability and are leading the national research and commercial agenda in this area of work. Our research has found, for example, the more people believe they are capable the more productive, innovative and creative they are. Our research has also found that where individuals hold strong collective perceptions of capability the less likely they are to suffer stress related absence or illnesses, and the more likely they are to be committed and satisfied with their jobs and therefore less likely to want quit an organisation. 

Using perception of capability indicators, a new and alternative approach to individual, team and organisational assessment, we provide a way of informing positive action for individual, team and organisational improvement.  

Our capability development service focuses on integrating capability assessments with tailored coaching programmes, training or with new and existing competency frameworks. 

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