Psychology With Business In Mind


Rarely do we operate alone in the world. Whether at home or at work we have to interact, depend and cooperate with others to achieve our goals and objectives.

At work, team and organisational success requires effective linking of tasks, skills and roles. In certain service sectors team, role and task cooperation and cohesion is vital and can be the difference between saving a losing a life.

But effective groups are not only about co-ordination of individual tasks with the work of others, they are also seriously affect how members of the team and organisation perceive the motivation, quality and competence of their co-workers and the organisational system in which they have to work – this we call collective capability.

Our work has shown that several individual and system factors are important for the development of effective teams. These factors influence individual perceptions of their group’s capability and it is this perception which influences how well groups work together to produce results. Collective capability is also a strong predictor of how resilient and persistent groups are in the face of difficulties and challenge.

At Zeal we are working alongside many small and large public and private sector organisations to improve how well their group members work together and enable them to accomplish collectively.

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